Hello, June. Impress me!

The world appears to be opening up once again. As we transition to a new normal, and as the dust settles, we will all have a better picture of just how the world will look and how our lives have been truly affected by this lockdown, quarantine, isolation…whatever you wish to call it. Call me “bias” but farmers and agricultural workers have had to take it on the chin. Many farmers are small to medium sized businesses and coupled with changes to quota systems, higher costs across the board, delays, a shorter growing season, costly and long-term damage to access to reliable seasonal workers, and the list goes on, farmers are once again to draw the short straw. We have weathered the storm at Seven Fields Farm & Orchard but being in a devevlopmental stage with the farm affords us some security and time. Many others have not been so lucky. Farmers markets have been cancelled as well and online sales may not materialize as envisioned.

June typically is ‘get-ahead’ month for us as we prepare the orchard for summer. Our stars aligned this time and we completed early orchard maintainance, grass cutting, and a first round of organic spray application to all 2,000 black walnut trees. We’re hoping this summer will also finally allow us (I say allow because our little fine foods & catering business has been a priority as of late) to complete some overdue projects at the farm.

Two focus projects will transform our operations: (1) a drilled well will provide for the opportunity to install an irrigation system (most likely a drop irrigation system) and feed our market garden; and, (2) good organic soil brought to the garden will prepare our natural garden beds for planting next year. We are very excited about both of these projects…so much so I have been told to get off the internet and stop looking at irrigation system design and market gardens.

As always, we have provided a little photo update of our activities at the farm for June. We will keep you updated on our many projects so stay tuned for more exciting news.

Signing off.
Seven Fields Farm & Orchard


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