To protect and preserve

One of our favourite spots at the farm is a grouping of white birch trees in one of our grazing fields. These beautiful trees tower over the other trees in the field, and when a cool summer breeze is in the air, the wind travels through the trees with a sound reminiscent of a distant waterfall or rapids. Given that these trees rest in an area of the farm primarily used for grazing (and therefore come under pressure from herds of cows), we want to ensure that we protect all of our trees now and in the future. We have been investigating the possibility of erecting fences to protect native trees, and have initiated discussions with neighbouring farmers and through a number of Ontario initiatives that help and assist farms to protect native trees and rehabilitate forested areas. We will keep you all informed of our progress. Here is a picture of our charming white birch trees on a clear spring day in mid-May.


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