3,500 trees coming this spring

We are very excited to announce a very important partnership that we have formed with Forests Ontario and their 50 Million Tree Program. Through this initiative, we will be subsidized for the planting of 3,500 trees on our property next Spring (April/May timeframe). One of our key strategic long-term projects at the farm includes the planting of a walnut orchard for cultivation. A part of that future orchard will provide thousands of pounds of walnuts (we love walnuts by the way) while the black walnut portion will be left for 30 years before it can be cut and sold as mature quality wood. To allay any fears that we are not environmentally sustainable stewards, we have arranged for the orchard to be re-planted in 30 plus years and protected for future generations. The contract with Trees Ontario ensures that in years 2, 3, and 5, the orchard will be inspected for health and that any damaged or dying trees will be replaced. The contract also stipulates that no trees can be cut down during the first 15 years and that no contractual obligation will be transferred if we sell the property.

Our partnership with Forests Ontario is a wonderful opportunity for new farmers like us to return some our land to the natural flora common to this region. We are also excited about bringing a new and more resilient species of black walnut to the area in hopes of ensuring sustainable nut production 8-10 years from now. Trees Ontario shares our vision for the future of our farm and have been supportive of our phased approach to building a strong farming future.

We will keep all of our followers abreast of any new developments on the farm. We will be documenting the planting and growing process, and provide news, updates, and lots of photos and videos. Do check back on a regular basis as this year promises to bring many changes to the farm. We are honoured to share our experiences with you and hope you will watch us as we grow.

For more information about Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program please feel free to consult their website by clicking here.


1 thought on “3,500 trees coming this spring”

  1. Great project. Congratulation. Wishing you the best so you will be able to see your dream and hard work brings fruit (nuts)
    A dream is only a dream until you make the first step. You have made the first step, now keep walking. In any project in life you need God as your partner.
    Good luck.

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