Keep calm and weed on

The mulching is done….finally. We wanted to share with you progress at the farm as we finish the mulching and begin weed control at the orchard. The grass has grown at staggering speeds but we have decided to leave it uncut in order to provide a level of protection to the walnut trees. Weeds, however, have taken our kind hearts for granted and have begun to overtake some areas of the orchard. Our next big task is to manage the weeds and give the walnut trees a fighting chance to grow and thrive. Here are some pictures from the farm:

The black walnut trees are competing with the fast growing grass and weeds. Mulching has done a great job of keeping weeds at bay and the retention of moisture around the trees.
Leaves have been largely untouched by pests. Tree guards in the fall will protect the saplings but some further weed and pest control may be necessary.
You can see just how quickly the weeds and grasses have begun to overtake the orchard rows. There is much work ahead for us at the farm.


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