Coming in From the Cold

Winter can be a bleak and gloomy time, especially for a farm like ours. Like others, we are totally reliant on a very limited growing season. Yet, there is a special and captivating beauty to winter that always reminds us of the raw power of nature and the seasons that define our climate changes. Canada’s four seasons reveal the true and full story of the land. That story would be incomplete without winter. So, while we anxiously wait for spring (driven by a yearning desire to shed heavy coats and bulky boots) we thought we would share a recent photo from the farm.

Snow accumulation is less this year than in previous years, but the inconsistent temperature change from below zero to above zero is certainly sending some mixed messages to plants and wildlife alike (I am convinced that I have seen a lot of squirrels with confused looks on their faces). We are optimistic that a somewhat milder winter will be good for the new trees since this is their first winter. The strong survival rate (estimated between 90-95% by Forests Ontario) has given us a lot of hope that the orchard has a strong foundation. The early years are so critical for the long-term sustainability of the walnut and apple orchards. We are really looking forward to getting back to managing the orchard and completing a host of new projects at the farm planned for this year. In the meantime try to enjoy the beauty of winter.


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