Brownie Points at Kensington Market

For those who have been to Toronto, and know the city well, Kensington Market is an area of town where one can find just about anything. Between May and October, Kensington supports pedestrian Sundays with street vendors, entertainment and featured local products – all with no place to park as per usual in downtown Toronto. A wonderful store called 4Life Natural Foods kindly offered us the opportunity to set up a table in front of their store to feature and sell our last remaining apple products. We were able to sell freshly made apple cider and our special vegan applesauce brownies made with fair-trade cocoa, organic flour and apples from our farm. The farm provided a record yield of apples this year and we are so thankful for the opportunity to bring pesticide-free organic produce to consumers. A big thank you to all those who visited our table at Kensington Market, and for the generous and kind support of 4Life Natural Foods for allowing us to set-up for a day outside their amazing store. We hope to be back next year with some new and exciting apple products.


Our little table at 4Life Natural Foods in Toronto


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