Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder

Happy First Day of Spring!

Winter has been dealing its last throws this month with chilling effect. Frigid Artic winds and freak snow storms have made it crystal clear that winter is not interested in going out like a lamb. However, icy winds have not put a damper on our spirits for another amazing year at the farm. The official beginning of spring this week has put some pep in our step. As mentioned in a previous post, more than 90 percent of our trees survived their first winter. In cooperation with Forests Ontario, all dead or sick trees will be replaced.

We are gearing up to begin pruning and fencing our apple orchard bringing it back to life after years of neglect. We harvested approximately 1.5 tons of various types of apples last fall, and efforts to improve the health of the trees and protecting the orchard from the cattle will boost our yield in the years to come.

Other projects include potentially building a storage shed for our expanding arsenal of farming equipment, maintenance of some century old fencing that’s beginning to show its age, building a small test vegetable garden, and having more solar panel arrays installed to offset some of the cost of operating the farm. We have also decided to move closer to our farm to ensure we can devote more time to building our countryside dream so this year will be an exciting one for sure. Here are a few pictures of the walnut trees on the first day of spring.


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