The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree

Last week we told you about how we found dozens of apple trees in a grazing field at the farm. While we continue to research what kind of apples we found, we decided to harvest some more before they all fall to the ground. It would appear that the cows returned to our little apple paradise this week and certainly made quick use of the apples scattered on the ground. So much for the “forbidden fruit” reputation that apples have! I think we have been lucky this year and harvested the apples at a peak time for taste and growth. We are so excited to bring this part of our grazing fields back to life in the coming years. Similarly, the walnut orchard is almost fully prepped for winter. We are almost complete with securing the tree guards to the saplings. With the weather dropping to just above zero at night we have just finished protecting the trees in time. Here are some pictures from the farm this week:

One of many types of apples that appear to be growing at the farm
Harvesting apples
A great haul from the apple orchard on a beautiful fall day
Placing the final tree guards on our walnut saplings
The walnut orchard is now prepared for winter


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