Kaleidoscope of Colours

At times we forget about nature’s little miracles in life. Autumn is a beautiful and amazing season, filled with constant reminders of the power and transitional nature of life around us. On the one hand, autumn prepares the groundwork for winter. On the other hand, it is also a time of year when vegetables, fruits, and other fresh produce look and taste their best. The kaleidoscope of colours that also symbolizes the fall, leaves us with wonderful images and memories to get through those dreary and depressing winter months. Activity at the farm this week is slowing down, having completed the harvesting of thousands of apples and completing work in the walnut orchard. We wanted to take this opportunity to show you some amazing autumn colours from around our farm. We hope you all enjoy this beautiful time of the year.


2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope of Colours”

  1. We are sooooo proud of you guys. It looks so good wish we could have been there with you, save me some applesauce!!!! See you soon.

    Bonita & Claude

    1. Don’t worry! We will save you some applesauce and some delicious baked goods made from our organic apples. Thanks for all your support! Can’t wait to have you both down at the farm.

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